Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Things that irritate me

Just in case I forgot that I haven't written in a while, Lil Alma Mater made sure a couple weeks ago I knew that she was most unhappy with the lack of new content on the blog. I was extraordinarily flattered that we have such avid readers here at Illinitalk but I've always viewed summer as a time to take a break of sorts from Illini sports.

However, summer is almost over and there is nothing better that prompts me to write than when I have a gripe. So in order to make Lil Alma Mater happy and to air my irritation to the world, here it is:

I'm dutifully preparing for the fall and winter by entering the football and basketball schedules into my electronic calendar (Lil Alma Mater and her older sister problably have them memorized. I'm just not that smart.)

So anyway, in order to do so, I printed out both schedules from fightinillini.com. Only there is a slight problem. The printer -friendly version of the basketball schedule is actually last year's. I got halfway through entering the wrong basketball schedule before realizing what I had done since there was no Hawaii trip and it listed the Maryland game as being played in Champaign.

Yeesh. Time for Kent Brown's communications crew to do a little proofreading.

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