Tuesday, August 07, 2007

That's Our Team

Mark Tupper is genuinely excited about the shape the Illini are in at "Camp Rantoul" this year - lean, muscular and athletic. And these guys expect to win.

Coach Zook's recruiting has boosted expectations (and ticket sales) in Champaign this year, and the excitement is building toward the season opener Sept. 1.

Like every team, the 2007 Fighting Illini football team is made up of individuals who shape the team personality. We've heard plenty about potential stars who made foolish decisions and got kicked off the team, but the Illini have other leaders, as well. Senior linebacker J Leman may be "The best linebacker you've never heard of" and he makes an impact on and off the field. QB Juice Williams has more confidence after a year at the college level and a summer at the Mannings' camp. Freshman Martez Wilson plans to make an immediate impact, and he's not alone. And don't forget Regis Benn or the members of last year's recruiting class who now have a year of experience.

Have I mentioned yet that I'm excited about Illini football?

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