Friday, August 24, 2007


The bickering between the Big Ten Network and Comcast Cable continues as you will read in Teddy Greenstein's update in the Chicago Tribune today. The good news from my perspective is that the BTN is still optimistic about deals with other cable providers and Dish Network, which I have at home. I have called them already to encourage them to carry the BTN and if you would like to call your provider to do the same, call 1-866-WANT-B10.

With regards to Comcast and the BTN, today's article pretty much makes both of them sound like little kids who are whining and can't figure out how to play together. You know what, sit down like grown-ups and work it out. Surely you can come to some sort of agreement that is acceptable to both sides.

On a different note, please let me comment on Alma Mater's post entitled "Crime and Punishment," since she asked for our thoughts on the Jamar Smith situation. When I read yesterday's Trib article on the situation, I was pretty pleased with the decision. I did not support letting him play this year but I also did not want him to be kicked off of the team for good. The redshirt is a good middle of the road option. It punishes him but gives him a chance to get his life together. If he does that well, then he will be back with the team. If he does it poorly, the university still has the option to keep him off of the team permanently. I realize that the situation with the football team was handled differently, but I think the coaches and administration have to examine each situation on its own merits and then make the best decision they can off of the information available. I don't think a "one size fits all" policy is the best way to go in these situations and I am pleased with the end result as it currently stands.

One last thing for today--here is the latest on the Illini's trip for the tournament in Canada.

Have a good weekend and GO ILLINI!

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