Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Welcome to the Big Ten

Dear Coaches Smith, Lickliter, and Beilein,

Welcome to the Big Ten Basketball Coaching Fraternity. You will find a dedicated fan base, heated rivalries and hostile arenas, much like you have seen in the Big East and SEC. (Todd, it's a bit different than the Horizon League, but given your 2006-07 schedule, you should be able to handle it.)

While your ADs and fans expect big-name recruits and NCAA tournament berths, the rest of the conference expects you to represent the heart of the Midwest with integrity. Please. Your programs have been under the shadow of sanctions (or an ugly bird) in recent years, and you are expected to banish them.

As an Illini fan, I hope you enjoy your first trip to Assembly Hall, and that you help us maintain our dominating home-court record. Oh, and if you change your mind about your new jobs, you won't be alone...

Alma Mater

Illini fans: For those in Champaign who want just a bit more college basketball, check out the Ultimate Basketball Challenge, a fundraiser for the Illini wheelchair basketball teams and Coaches vs. Cancer, April 11, 7 p.m., at Huff Hall.

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