Thursday, April 12, 2007

Q-Wat From Compton Signs

Shooting guard Quinton Watkins signed his National Letter of Intent to play ball at the U of I yesterday. We can now breathe a sign of relief as we actually have a shooting guard signed. Let's hope he's as good at getting to the rack and shooting the rock as this press release from U of I says.

Props to Weber and staff for getting one of the best guards on the West Coast, an area that historically hasn't proven very fruitful for the Illini on the recruiting front.

I also like this litle nugget about the background of his high school:

Quinton also benefited from playing at Dominguez under a highly successful coach in Coach Otis who has produced a number of outstanding players that have gone on to college and the NBA, including names like Tayshaun Prince and Tyson Chandler."


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