Monday, March 12, 2007

We're In

...barely, based on the seed and the talking heads, but the Illini made it. I don't know if we deserve the bid or not, but we will take it. Jay Mariotti is harsh, but I can't deny that it's been hard to be an Illini fan over the past several weeks.

However, I heard the all-knowing radio voices explain why the Illini (23 wins, RPI of 29 and Strength of Schedule at 24) make more mathematical sense in the field than Syracuse (22 wins, an RPI of 50 and Strength of Schedule at 46). So while Coach Boeheim openly shares his disappointment, we Illini fans can be thankful that hotel room in Indy was filled with laptops, not just TV screens. (Let's face it -- the Big Ten tournament showcased great defense, but the low-scoring games weren't exactly the riveting style that boosts TV ratings.)

Illinois over Virginia Tech may not be the most popular 12-5 upset pick, but it will be on my bracket. Enjoy filling out your brackets!

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