Saturday, March 17, 2007

That Sums It Up

Friday's game reflected the 2006-7 men's basketball season almost perfectly.

The Illini started strong and showed flashes of brilliance. Strong rebounding on both ends of the floor. Stifling defense. An inside game that demanded respect, though it could have been a bit more commanding. Pretty jump shots. Long threes that were either right on or way off. Cheap fouls. Erractic free throw shooting. A respectable lead. And a painfully excrutiating end where you could feel the game slipping away, yet the defense was strong enough that you thought they might hold on...

We've seen it all season, over and over and over. It seems that few could inspire in the Illini the strength to hold on. This guy seemed to do it, but Seth Greenberg (aka Daddy Warbucks) apparently didn't ignite the same fire under the Illini late in the game. And, Greenberg benefited unintentionally from Illinois' greatest weakness. VT got our boys on the free throw line late -- a great way to protect their lead.

Mark Tupper describes the end of the season well.


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