Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sheet of Integrity

Alma Mater, I am intrigued by this line in your post below regarding OSU: But they are young...still they will probably be the champion in at least one of my brackets.

Are you saying that you fill out more than one sheet?

Anyone who listens to Mike & Mike in the Morning knows that Golic and Greenie constantly argue about whether it's right to fill out multiple sheets. Greenie is a one sheet guy, otherwise known as the "sheet of integrity."

Golic, on the other hand, fills out multiple sheets. In fact, I heard him say this morning he's filling out 25 sheets!!!!

As for me, I'm a one sheet guy. Sounds like Alma Mater subscribes to the Golic method.

Good Hope Orange? Readers? Where are you at on this, the most important issue during this time of year?

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