Thursday, March 15, 2007

Illinitalk Challenge

Good Hope Orange and Chief,

I'm up for a friendly comparison. Of course, I subscribed to two different methods when filling out my brackets. The first is 1 part heart, 2 parts reality; the other reflects my conference pride and wish for Big Ten domination and respect. Even so, my Final Four are very similar.

I look forward to seeing your "sheets of integrity" and comparing our picks...

Thus far the tournament has had a few satisfying moments. Bobby only played one game, as did Coach K (for the first time since 1996). There have been some close games and tense moments, but few surprises.

I hope for more interesting upsets on day two, but even if the first two rounds follow the seeding, there is the potential for some exciting games next weekend.

Enjoy the games!
Alma Mater

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