Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Chief, I freely admit that the brackets I filled out for the two pools I entered are not exactly the same. This is the first time I have filled out more than one bracket, although I certainly have wanted to in the past.

The main advantage in my mind -- more to cheer for! I love watching March Madness, and I now for the games I am less invested in, like Kentucky-Villanova or Nevada-Creighton, I can be happy if either team wins. Besides, I couldn't remember all my picks when I filled in the second bracket.

Of course, there is the method my mother and AM Jr. subscribe to -- make your picks, and then when your brackets are completely busted after the first weekend, start over with the official Sweet Sixteen. I'm not a fan of that approach, but it does keep them entertained.

Any other ways to savor the Madness?

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