Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Big Ten Notes

The Big Ten got six teams into the NCAA tournament, and when it comes to the post-season, I usually cheer for conference respect. A few thoughts as I ponder how far each team may go...

Ohio State could go all the way. Talent, both inside and outside, solid defense, the ability to score, and a great coach. But they are young...still they will probably be the champion in at least one of my brackets.

Wisconsin has the experience and defense to make a deep run, as well. Plus, they have the Big Ten Player of the Year in Alando Tucker. But somehow, I find it hard to cheer for Bo Ryan. Maybe it's the mafia hair my cousin pointed out this weekend, or his striking resemblance to this.

Indiana could make things interesting, but I can't bring myself to pick them over perennial Cinderella Gonzaga. Thank you, Coach Sampson, for bringing the intensity back to the Illini-Hoosier rivalry. Let me take a moment to savor our 2-1 record against you this season...

Michigan State-Marquette should be fun to watch. State has not had a typical season this year, but they have experience and Coach Izzo on their side...I'd love to see them upset UNC in the second round, though that's a long shot.

Purdue will be intriguing, as they have over-achieved much of the season with a young head coach, while first round opponent Arizona has consistently under-achieved this year. This should be an interesting game, as well.

Oh, and enough about how Illinios doesn't belong in the field. The Committee has spoken, and as I mentioned before, the numbers are part of the story.

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