Monday, March 19, 2007

As the Carousel Turns

Dear Coach Amaker,
I was sorry, if not surprised, to hear that you are leaving Ann Arbor. You deserve credit for bringing solid teams out of a program under the dark cloud of NCAA sanctions. I understand that consistent appearances in the NIT just didn't live up to expectations, but you handled a tough situation with class. All the best as you begin your job search.
Alma Mater

Note to Illinitalk readers: At least one group of dedicated college basketball entertained a (very brief) moment of silence Saturday afternoon in honor of Amaker and other high-profile head coaches from this coaching tree who didn't live up to expectations.

Dear Big Ten ADs Bill Martin (Michigan) and Joel Maturi (Minnesota),
You've got your work cut out as you seek to fill the vacancies at the top of your men's basketball programs. On behalf of Big Ten basketball fans, let me encourage you to consider all angles as you make your offers.

We are passionate fans who love to support our schools and fan the flames of conference rivalries. We want to see the Big Ten established as a great basketball conference with respect for the game (and we'd like to win the ACC/Big Ten Challenge). But we prefer to cheer for/against classy coaches who build the conference reputation, like this Big Ten veteran, rather than those who join our conference with a questionable background.

You have the opportunity to build not only your programs, but the conference as a whole. Please choose wisely.
Alma Mater

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