Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Remember When?

With just over a month to go to Selection Sunday, the Illini seem to be firmly on The Bubble. The uphill battle to make the Big Dance is well documented in the latest news. And with two road games this week, the risk of bursting that bubble is rising.

But do you remember when Illinois often fell in the middle of the Big Ten at the end of the season? It hasn't been that long -- we spent most of the 90s in the upper-middle half of the conference, often making the tournament, but sometimes not. In fact, just 8 years ago, we finished dead last in the Big Ten (although the conference tournament run to the championship game hinted at things to come).

How quickly we become spoiled. Last week Weber mentioned the weight of expectations on the 2006-07 Illini, who have been challenged by a never-ending list of injuries and illnesses.

So, as the team hits the road for Evanston and Bloomington, I resolve to cheer for these guys to do their best. But I also resolve to remember when a season like this was more the norm than the exception -- and enjoy the games.

Go Illini!

P.S. Congrats to Warren Carter's little brother Josh on a great game in the Aggie's win over Texas -- one of the most entertaining games I've half-watched this season, especially coming on the heels of their historic victory at KU.

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