Monday, February 12, 2007

Odds and Ends

A few interesting tidbits from today's papers:

--Skip Myslenski of the Tribune has comments from Brian Randle about his transition from role player to being a go-to guy for the Illini. The article also talks about other Big Ten players who are also making that transition.

--Teddy Greenstein, also of the Tribune, reports that Illinois may be lining up a quarterback recruit by the name of Phil Haig to replace Clint Brewster, who decided to sign with Minnesota at the last minute when his dad became their new head coach. In an interesting twist, Haig was originally planning to commit to Minnesota.

--Greenstein also reports on some "trash talking" between the Big Ten Commisioner (open letter) and the SEC Commissioner (response).

--Finally, today's headline of the day is (drumroll please):

Maryland adds to Duke's Misery (Blue Devils suffer fourth straight defeat)

Sadly, this headline was in the print addition of the Daily Herald and not their online edition, which titled it "Unfamliar Territory."

--The quote of the day also comes from this article:

"After the final buzzer, the Maryland fans didn’t rush the court — an indication, perhaps, of Duke’s fall from elite status."

After the game, Coach K had a few things to say, including the following comments on how to right his struggling team:

“I’ll do whatever I can,” he said Sunday, moments after a 72-60 loss to host Maryland. “I’m not going to punt, let’s put it that way. You have to figure it out. The one thing you can’t do is feel sorry for yourself.”

Maybe he could do another American Express commercial about winning to make himself feel better.

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