Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Hole-In-One

The University of Illinois golf program is following the pattern Guenther has established to improve all Illini athletics, including lesser-known sports (tennis, wrestling, gymnastics): Hire quality coaches to build strong programs.

Mike Small, the men’s golf coach, was named PGA Professional Player of the Year last month. That means he is considered the top player among PGA professionals, a high honor. He has built a top-25 program at Illinois, and is attracting noted talent to Champaign.

Small is a true Illini:

He is described as an excellent teacher. "His teams are always well coached, and he could probably for the [PGA] tour," says a pro* who competed against Small's Illini at the collegiate level.

The future of Illini golf looks bright with Small at the helm and new facilities in the works. Go Illini!

*My brother-in-law

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