Friday, February 16, 2007


Chief Illiniwek will no longer perform.

Additional background information on this development and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ's).

All of our regular readers know where Illinitalk stands on this issue. This portion of a statement from Athletic Director Ron Guenther sums up the reality of the situation:

"Personally, as an alumnus and former athlete, I am disappointed, however, as an administrator, I understand the decision that had to be made."

We too are disappointed. But the reality is, we knew this was likely coming once the NCAA created their new policy mascot/symbol policy back in 2005. The sanctions imposed by the NCAA on schools that violated their policy left the University with little other choice once the appeals process was exhausted. Score one for the NCAA bureaucrats as they have dealt a blow to institutional autonomy.

One question from the FAQ's stands out to us as one that needs to be answered more definitively:

Q: What will happen with the University’s trademark rights to the name Chief Illiniwek, the portrayal of the Chief and the Chief Illiniwek logo?
A: The University is reviewing trademark laws. No final decision has been made.

It is our hope that the University of Illinois will decide to turn over the trademark rights to the group of former Chief's or to another suitable entity who will honor the tradition of Chief Illiniwek.

Finally, we would appeal to all of you out there, regardless of whether you support the Chief decision or not, to continue to support the University of Illinois and the Fighting Illini Athletics.

Have a good weekend and good luck to the Illini at Northwestern on Sunday! Go Orange and Blue!

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