Monday, February 26, 2007

Deron Williams

Since Chief provided you with a little update on Luther Head, I thought I would pass along a little blurb from the Tribune today about Deron Williams. Click on the link and then scroll down to the section titled "Layups," where you will find this:

Said coach Jerry Sloan of his soon-to-be-perennial All-Star: "He's not a really good player, he's on the verge of being a great player." Coming from a coach like Jerry Sloan, that is about as high a praise as you can get.


Roger Powell a Bull? I doubt it will happen but if you click on the link and scroll down to the "Help Wanted" section of the article, it points out that he is a wing player who is having a good season in the NBA Development League and might be a possible option for the Bulls if they want to bring someone else in while Andres Nocioni recovers from his foot injury (plantar fasciitis--extremely painful. If you have every incurred this type of injury, you will understand why he hasn't been able to play through it. It can get so bad that you can barely walk and until it heals completely, it is very easy to re-aggravate the injury again and again).

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