Monday, February 05, 2007

Blood is Thicker Than Water

Reason #1 why, while I was rooting for the Bears, I didn't mind seeing the Colts win: Tony Dungy is a class act.

Reason #2: Blood is thicker than water. I'll always root for former Illini to do matter who they play for...almost (it's really tough to root for Brandon Lloyd on the Redskins).

Anyway, Colts DB Kelvin Hayden did the Illini proud with his interception return for a TD. In fact, in a nice bit of irony, Bears Offensive Coordinator and former Illini Head Coach Ron Tuner was the one who got Hayden to switch to cornerback from wide receiver when Hayden played for the Illini. Classic.

Speaking of blood is thicker than water...Clint Brewster is going to play for his dad at Minnesota instead of Illinois. Now I understand wanting to go play for your dad. And I know we're dealing with high schoolers here, many of whom can't make up their mind about what to wear each day, let alone which college to go to. But good grief. The kid decides this on the first day of the no contact period. Thanks pal. At least it's not as bad as this guy because we've still got Juice and an awesome recruiting class on the way.

Finally, Duke has lost two straight. Sniff. Sniff.

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