Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bill Cole Update

Another great guest blog from Illini basketball recruit Bill Cole:

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to keep all the fans updated on how things have been going lately.

First off, on Friday night we played Peoria Notre Dame (Brian Randle's old school) in the gym at their school. They usually play at Spalding Gymnasium downtown, but that was torn down earlier in the year so we had to play at ND's school gym which only hold 1,500 people.

For those of you who don't know much about Peoria, Richwoods and Notre Dame are a two-minute drive from each other...two streets over. Needless to say its a big rivalry.

Since we messed up and lost to Manual, the outright conference title was this game. The game was sold out by the second half of the sophomore game. It was a cool atmosphere in the little gym, and a tough game. I saw a double and triple team the most of the game so I only took five shots and ended up with nine points and 12 rebounds. We ended up pulling away in the fourth quarter like we usually do!

Notre Dame has a tough hard-nosed team this year. The final score was 58-42 RHS. Winning the game was awesome, because it meant we didn't have practice on Saturday so I could go to my first ILLINI game of the season.

What did I tell all you guys-my first game back and Jamar ends the slump! I knew he would pull through for me. All in all I thought the game was a very well-balanced attack for the Illini. I think we had four in double figures. It was a perfect way for me to spend my Saturday.

Bill's new random fact of the day: People always ask me who my favorite Illini basketball player is. I cant decide. However, I think I would have to go with Lucas Johnsonor or Robert Archibald. Thats it for tonight,.

Go Illini!
Bill Cole

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