Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Brian Cook, Sherron Collins and Tim Brewster

Lots of news this morning involving former Illini and shoulda been Illini:

Brian Cook had a great game last night against the Heat. In fact, he scored as many points as Kobe. This is the guy I expected Brian Randle to develop into. So far it hasn't happened. We saw flashes in the Iowa game but he just ain't there yet.

Sherron Collins had a monstrous game against Mizzou last night. I saw a bit of it on ESPN. Please tell me I'm not the only Illini fan who watches guys like this and wonders how much better our team would be if he were wearing orange. Injuries have been a big problem this year but it's time to fix the recruiting nightmare.

Tim Brewster will be coaching the University of Minnesota football team next season. Great hire for Minny. Brewster was a captain of the '84 Illini Rose Bowl team and coached under Mack Brown at Texas (I heard he recruited Vince Young) and most recently was tight ends coach for the Denver Broncos. A lot of Illini folks wanted him after Turner was fired.

I'm actually very disappointed he's not in the Illini program but I suppose you only have so much room for folks. The bigger question is gonna be whether Brewster's son Clint, who Zook has recruited to the Illini to play QB, will keep his committment now that dad is at a rival institution in the Big Ten.

The News-Gazette is all over the story and Bob Asmussen says Illini fans have nothing to worry about. Hopefully Clint shows up Eric Gordon when it comes to keeping a commitment.

PS We didn't blog about the Mich State game because we were so disgusted.

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