Friday, January 19, 2007

Arrelious Benn and Wisconsin Preview

A win against the Badgers tomorrow would be a huge boost. It's a tall order though.

Here is the big news: Arrelious Benn started classes this week. That means he's ours. That's a big deal because he was recruited by football powerhouses like Notre Dame, Southern Cal, Florida State and Maryland (although I wouldn't put the Terps in the "football powerhouse" class).

In fact, according to Supinie, he gave a silent verbal to Notre Dame early on in the process"

Benn acknowledged that he had made an earlier "silent verbal'' to Notre Dame, a commitment that wasn't strong, he said, and one he called off soon after making it.

Making the earlier commitment to Notre Dame "was one thing I wish that I'd never done,'' he said. "I told them that's not the decision I wanted to make. I opened up the recruiting process again, then I made my decision.''

Hmmmmmmmm. Benn handled his change of heart a little differently than Eric Gordon handled the same situation.

Anyway, that's enough mentions of that basketball player for one week. This is the quote from Supinie's story that excited me the most:

"I believe I'll play right away,'' said Benn, who graduated from high school early in order to start college classes and play spring football at Illinois. "I have really high expectations of myself. My plan is to be out there for the first play of the first game. I didn't come here to drop balls.''

Rock on.

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