Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Two More Things About Last Night...

1. Steve Bardo did the color commentary on ESPN. For being a former Illini, he came across as very fair in his analysis, giving both teams props. Btw, be sure to check out Bardo's website here. And...he even has his own blog here.

2. For those who were at the game, does anyone know who won the cheerleading contest? This may seem like a small thing but our cheerleaders are serious athletes and don't get many chances to compete against other schools. The Braggin' Rights game gives them that opportunity.

For those who don't know, every year during a time-out or halftime, each guy cheerleader from each school holds up one of the gals high in the air (I'm not sure what the pose is called). The last one left standing wins. Usually the crowd goes wild and as each duo drops out the intensity picks up as those who drop out crowd around the duos who are left, cheering them on.

So...anyone know who won?

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