Friday, December 15, 2006

Tom Lemming

Either the guy isn't into details or he's biased against the Illini.

I'm referring to this quote in this story:

''Illinois just came in and took him away,'' Chicago-based recruiting analyst Tom Lemming said. ''Everybody does it, but if the people who were complaining from Illinois are truthful when it happened with Eric Gordon, then they should probably give [McCray] back to Florida.''

Comparing the McCray recruitment to the Eric Gordon recruitment would be fair...if McCray had not decommitted.

Except that's what he did. Gordon did not.

Therefore Lemming's quote is comparing apples and orange. The only question I have is: did he do it on purpose or it he just ignorant?

And by the way, why didn't Herb Gould, Steve Tucker or one of the sports editors at the Sun-Times point that out in the story? It's a fact and that's what reporting is supposed to be. More bad sports journalism, my friends...

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