Saturday, December 16, 2006

Maybe Chief has a point...

For those of you who read Chief's earlier post asking if perhaps Tom Lemming might be a little biased against the Illini, here is more food for thought. Most of the things I have read by Lemming seem to be good overall and I have typically been okay with his positions. However, between his quote in the article Chief pointed out and the insinuation in the quote below, it makes you wonder...

CSTV recruiting analyst Tom Lemming says rival coaches have "taken notice of the aggressiveness of Illinois' coaches. They're starting to wonder: With Illinois' [won-lost] record, how are they doing it? Zook has put together an outstanding recruiting staff, but in my 26 years I haven't seen a staff do this well without doing well on the field."

Here is the article about Zook's recruiting that the quote is taken from.

On the flip side, you have to love this information from Tim O'Halloran of recruiting analyst Tim O'Halloran says Illini freshman Chris James, a receiver from Morgan Park, has been influential in attracting fellow Chicagoans. "There definitely seems to be a groundswell of Public League kids wanting to go to Illinois together and make something happen," he says. "I can imagine some of the other schools aren't real happy."

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