Saturday, December 30, 2006

Do We Need Another Funeral?

Check out this quote at the end of this Lindsey Willhite story:

The night’s apparent theme? Some signals are getting crossed up between Weber and his players.

“I just think we’ve got to do what he says and be coachable,” Smith said. “He tells people every day what to do, and it seems like every day we fight him in practice …

“We’ll take two steps forward and then not listen to him and take three steps back.”

Remember when Weber took over for Self? The players wouldn't listen and Weber ended up having to hold a mock funeral to get them to pay attention. What's it gonna take this time?

This team isn't as talent-starved as some folks would have you believe. They need to buckle down and pay attention to coach. Sure, Weber does need to land some blue chippers if we're gonna make it back to the Final Four; but the players need to start paying attention if we're gonna start putting up respectable showings against teams like Xavier.

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