Monday, November 06, 2006

Three Thoughts for a Monday

Sorry it has been so long in between posts. Chief and I have been swamped lately. Not much time today either so here are three quick thoughts to begin the week:

1) On Saturday afternoon, the Illini football team played what may have been their best game of the year, despite losing 17 to 10. They made Ohio State, the #1 team in the country, work for it and played them as well or better than any other team has this year. Congrats to Ron Zook and the guys! Now let's just start turning all these close losses into victories. That is the next step!

2) On Saturday night, Derrick Rose announced that Memphis was his school of choice for his college basketball career. Big surprise since no one saw that coming (sense the sarcasm). For more insight into this because I have absolutely no desire to provide any further coverage to this kid, check out Illini Wonk's thoughts.

3) For those of you who want to knock Coach Weber for his recruiting, please read Rick Morrissey's column from last Wednesday's Tribune. It will give you a little glimpse into the world of recruiting (and there is a lot more that goes on that never gets reported nor is ever addressed by the NCAA) and maybe help you to appreciate what Illinois has in a guy like Bruce Weber.

Bonus Thought:
Tomorrow is election day. Please go out and vote!!! It's important and it's your right!!!

Until later, GO ILLINI!!!

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