Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Reason #2 Why Eric Gordon Will Love Playing at Illinois

Dear Eric Gordon,

We realize that although you gave Coach Weber (who runs a guard-oriented motion offense) a verbal commitment to play basketball at the University of Illinois, you have decided to check out Indiana since they have a new coach (who runs a stagnant ball-control offense that focuses on big men).

Ok. We don’t like that but we’ll accept it.

That said, you obviously still need help making your decision to keep your commitment to Illinois. We think we can help.

We assume that anyone with your God-given basketball ability wants to play in the NBA. We don’t blame you.

So it only makes sense that you choose to play for the team and coach who will prepare you to fulfill your NBA dreams, right?

Well, for evidence that Bruce Weber is better than that guy Indiana hired at developing NBA talent, all you have to do is attend the NBA game in your hometown of Indianapolis this weekend.

You see, three-fifths of the starters (Deron Williams, Dee Brown and Roger Powell) on Illinois’ team that made it to the National Championship game (the same team that only lost two games the entire season) will be playing for the Utah Jazz against the Pacers Saturday at Conseco Fieldhouse.

This is your chance to get a firsthand look at the talent Bruce Weber puts in the NBA. By the way, the other two starters on that team-Luther Head and James Augustine-play for the Houston Rockets and Orlando Magic.

So, as you’re sitting in Conseco, think about how good the Illinois alumni look in NBA jerseys and remember who got ‘em there. And don’t forget to also think about how many guys that new coach at Indiana has put in the NBA too.

The choice is simple: If you want to be featured on Sportscenter and have people make movies about you like the one below, stay with Illinois. If not, go to Indiana.

It’s that simple.

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