Monday, September 11, 2006

The University of Chief Illiniwek

Dave Diehl plays guard on the offensive line for the New York Giants. He has one of the postions on the football field that gets the least amount of fame. If he played on the other side of the ball he'd at least be able to tackle and rack up some stats. However, he's content to protect his quarterback and block for the the running backs and watch them get the glory.

Last night, though, that situation changed. Diehl, a University of Illinois alum, made quite a name for himself and his alma mater.

As everyone who has a pulse knows by now the Giants were hosting the Colts in the Manning Bowl last night on NBC television--the Sunday night debut of Al Michaels and John Madden.

Much like they did on Monday Night Football on ABC, at the beginning of the game each starter got two seconds of face time to state their name and their university.

When Diehl introduced himself to the masses on national TV this is what he said:

"Dave Diehl. University of Chief Illiniwek."

I almost couldn't believe my ears. I was almost certain I heard the sirens of the PC Police starting up as the anti Chief crowd let out a collective gasp that sucked all the oxygen out of the atmosphere.

It was a short but powerful statement of support for the Chief on national TV in primetime with the world watching.

The Giants don't have anymore games on NBC this season but they do play on ESPN Monday Night Football twice (October 23 and November 20). It will be interesting to see if ESPN does the same type of introductions if they will edit Diehl's.

No word yet on if the NCAA plans to get involved and sue the NY Giants for hurting its feelings.

P.S. If anyone decides to post the video on YOUTUBE, please email us so we can post it on here.

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