Thursday, August 31, 2006

Temkin: Don't Panic

Barry Temkin's "Upon Further Review" blog takes the view from 20,000 feet on Illinois hoops recruiting. He sure makes some interesting points.

I found this section particularly interesting:

Kruger whiffed altogether in the Chicago Public League. Young’s Quentin Richardson, for instance, fled to DePaul, and Farragut’s Michael Wright chose Arizona, helping to pin the "he can coach but he can’t recruit" tag on Kruger. Corey Maggette of suburban Fenwick, meanwhile, took Duke.

Not sure I'd be able to argue that any of those guys ended up being a superstar.

Then he makes the point that Kruger didn't deserve the "he can coach but he can't recruit" label since he brought us Frank Williams, Brian Cook and Sergio McClain.

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