Monday, July 24, 2006

EJ and Rose

For those of you looking for some news on Eric Gordon and Derrick Rose, here is a quick update.

For those of you have been following the recruitment of EJ and suffering from some recent angst, hopefully today's article in the Chicago Sun-Times will ease any concerns you may still have. The most important thing to come out of the article is this: "I am going to be going to Illinois," Gordon said, as he reaffirmed his commitment on Sunday. "I thought about Indiana for a minute, but I am staying with Illinois."

As for Rose, where he ends up is still to be determined. Here is what EJ had to say about the possibility: "I'd like to keep playing with Derrick, but that is his decision."

There are some positive signs for the Illini. Gordon and Rose are currently playing together in the Big Time Tournament in Las Vegas and continue to play extremely well with one another. Their performance on the court in this tournament as well as in last week's certainly has to make Rose think about how much fun and success they could have playing together at Illinois.

In the past, Rose and his brother, Reggie (who is handling Derrick's recruitment), have stated that they want to announce a decision by the end of August and/or before school starts. Hopefully, that is still the case. To my knowledge, Illinois is the only campus Rose has been to at this point. I think Illinois fans have a lot of reasons to be optimistic, especially after the events of the past two weeks. You can never predict how these things will play out, but right now I think Illinois is in about as good of position as they can be in. Until then, let's keep cheering for EJ and Derrick to have continued success playing together and let's hope they decide to team up for the orange and blue.

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