Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pantagraph: "NCAA toady for political correctness"

The Bloomington Pantagraph has a great editorial on the Chief issue today.

Main excerpt:

It's hard to believe a group representing the bastions of free speech across the country doesn't have the guts to tell some people to "bug off" or "get lost, this is a non-issue."

No, the NCAA Executive Committee chose to be a toady for political correctness among many whose recognition of freedom of speech is limited to what they have to say.

Acting as judge, jury and appeals court, the NCAA Executive Committee ignored the words of its own president, who said, "This is a membership based association where institutional autonomy is valued." That isn't the case anymore. The Executive Committee said the University of Illinois can no longer host NCAA post-season events if it keeps Chief Illiniwek.

Although we don't agree completely with the Pantagraph's position (we understand the U of I is stuck between a rock and a hard place i.e. conform to the NCAA's stupid politically correct position or severely cripple Illini student-athletes) we believe they are totally on the right track and taking a hard line on the NCAA's sensitivity seminar is a welcome position from any editorial board at any paper in America. Hopefully more follow suit.

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