Thursday, April 27, 2006

Quick Hits

Hello Illini fans. I know it has been a while since we last posted so sorry about that. There really just hasn't been a whole lot to write about and things have been pretty slow on the basketball and football fronts. The football team has completed its spring practices and there has been progress. The team still has a long way to go if they want to compete in the Big Ten, but I continue to be impressed by Coach Ron Zook. I think that if the players continue to work hard over the summer and in training camp, then there is definitely potential for an improved team and a better season than we have seen in several years. Time will tell. With that, here is a quick run down of things you may find of interest:

The BAD:

Shaun Pruitt was arrested for stupidity. No that wasn't the actual charge, but it should have been. Mark Tupper wrote that this was disappointing, unexpected from a guy like Pruitt, and he should have known better. I second those thoughts.


Three players who impressed this spring and who bring hope for the football team:

Kyle Hudson--An outstanding wide receiver who is also a great baseball player.

The Mendenhall Brothers, Walter and Rashard--Two good running backs to add to an already talented core of Pierre Thomas and E.B. Halsey

Good news for the football program also comes from the Memorial Stadium rehab project, which should make Illinois' facilities as good as anyone's in the nation according to Coach Zook. I even received a "personal" email from him encouraging me to learn more about the Illinois Renaissance.

Finally, good news for the basketball program in an indirect sort of way. Michigan State standout, Shannon Brown, has declared for the NBA draft. He is not hiring an agent so he could still return to school but I certainly wouldn't be disappointed to see him move on to the NBA.


Eric Gordon, the Illini's top recruit for 2007, gave an interview to the Daily Illini and I think you will see why so many Illini fans are excited to see him in Orange and Blue.

Finally, Illini Day at Wrigley Field is once again upon us. If you are interested in attending, purchase your tickets TODAY!!!!!!! Last year, the event sold out in less than 24 hours!!!!

Until later, GO ILLINI!

P.S. A huge congratulations to Chief and Skinny Sweet Cheeks!!! Oskee Mom Mom, the Illinette, and I are very happy for you and send our best wishes!!!

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