Monday, March 27, 2006

Washington AD Writes NCAA to...are you ready?...Complain!

Three must-read articles today:

1. Irony of ironies. The Seattle Times is reporting that the University of Washington athletic director actually wrote to the NCAA after the school's loss to UCHOKE, I mean UCONN, to complain about the officiating and his players being up past their bedtimes.

This is delicious. He tried to sugarcoat it to the paper by never using the word "complain." Instead, according to the article, "he said the purpose was 'to try to encourage them (the NCAA) to consider things a little differently in the future in how we assign the officials.'"

Furthermore, he apparently doesn't realize that college students are used to staying up late: But Turner said the tip time "was ridiculous and not fair to the players, nor fair to the fans who paid money for those tickets. We were sitting in that gym at 12:45 a.m. and still playing."

Um, Mr. University of Washington Athletic Director, last time I checked Washington is in the Pacific time zone. All your fans on the West Coast probably got to see the game in prime time. What are you complaining about?

2. Mark Tupper presents a fact-based case about foul discrepancies between Big Ten teams and their opponents and what the league can do about it here.

2. Dennis Dodd of CBS talks about the officiating in the tournament here and quotes Bruce Weber. Ironically, he does so right after talking about all the Washington players who fouled out of their game against lazy UCHOKE.

Actually he starts off his article talking about what a terrible game Memphis-UCLA was. I agree...I fell asleep!

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