Thursday, March 09, 2006

No TV=Ridonculous

Simple assignment: click on the following three links and tell me why I'm upset.

One. Two. Three. Go.


Did ya figure it out?

Here's the answer: Unless you're in a certain viewing area, you will not be able to watch the Illini Friday night. That is, unless of course you pay more money to get some ESPN U, Q, DO channels (which will probably show Duke-North Carolina most of the time anyway).

Seriously. Now I don't think this is a slam on Illinois. ESPN probably had their schedule set before they knew who would be seeded where in what tournament. The problem is, the #3 seed in the Big Ten Tourney ain't gonna be on TV.

So what is ESPN showing instead? The ACC and Big East tournament games.

In summary, I have three words for you: EAST. COAST. BIAS.

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