Saturday, February 11, 2006

Weekly Big Ten upset and other items

1. Minnesota upset Michigan State today. As I said after the Illini lost last week, there is still a lot of basketball to be played so we shouldn't give up yet on winning the conference title. The Gopher win today proves this. In the Big Ten, any team can win on any given day, home or away.

Two more conclusions to draw from this: a. The Big Ten Tournament is gonna be very entertaining and b. The Big Ten is probably the strongest conference in the country.

2. Mike Davis didn't coach today as Indiana lost to Iowa at home. Of course now the rumors are really swirling.

This Indy Star headline tells the story in Hoosierland right now.

3. Be sure to check out this comprehensive wrap from Bruce Weber's trip to the ESPN headquarters. It is a good read.

4. Great comments from our readers lately...especially regarding Iowa. Keep 'em comin' folks! Love the discussion! Want to sound off on something? Just click the comment button below!

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