Friday, February 03, 2006

Super Bowl vs. March Madness

The Super Bowl is this weekend. I have mixed feelings about this event. I like football but there are a number of things that irritate me about pro football. Here are just a few: obnoxious behavior, loud mouths and stupid dances. (These are supposed to be grown men, right?)

In any case I was sharing with Skinny Sweetcheeks this morning that the Super Bowl ain't got nothin' on March Madness.

Here is my reasoning:

1. The Super Bowl is one game. The NCAA tourney (if my terrible math is correct) is 63 games. Yes, that's 63 games in three weekends! And, there is just nothing like that first weekend of the tournament where the games go from noon until late at night. Its amazing to watch. And as if that isn't enough, it goes on for two more weeks after that. The Super Bowl is one four-hour game on one night.

2. Upsets. Even if the Super Bowl is an upset, it's just one upset, whereas you can usually count on March Madness to give you a number of upsets. In fact, that is why we call it March Madness. There are usually at least one or two cinderella stories during March every year...and that's just fun to watch.

3. Tight games. I still remember these games from last year: Wake Forest vs. West Virginia and Michigan State vs. Kentucky. Can't say the same about close Super Bowls. Nothin' like a nail biter in college hoops, especially when a college senior's season is on the line.

4. That brings me to my final point: college students. I love college students. They don't get paid to go out there and will their team to win (although the really good ones know there will probably be a payoff somewhere down the road). There is just something special about watching the effort of kids playing their guts out, many of whom know it could be the last time they play competitively ever.

That is my case for March Madness over the Super Bowl. Your thoughts?

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