Tuesday, February 21, 2006


1. Nice solid game. The inside scoring was great to see. Weber showed his coaching genius once again by putting Pruitt and anyone not named Augustine on Killingsworth. Of course Pruitt got called for two quick fouls (the second of which was obviously bogus). However, he went a long way to redeeming himself later on in my mind when he sank two straight free throws. Let's hope the free throw drills of Weber's are starting to help.

2. Brian Randle. His dunk over Killingsworth was beyond GOLD. The following exchange between Billy Packer and Vern Lundquist was priceless (quoted the best I can remember it):

Packer: "Oh my. He didn't need his right hand for that play!"
Lundquist: "No he did not."

For the first time watching Billy Packer call and Illini game, I didn't get upset at him. I'm sure that won't last forever but it was still good not to be furious at him for the Dick Button-like negativity.

Also, I'm glad Randle's wrist/forearm injury wasn't more serious and that it wasn't his shooting hand.

3. Lost in the Randle dunk mania were some powerhouse jams by Augie and Marcus Arnold. Talk about thunder.

4. Killer instinct. Illinois showed the killer instinct and ability to put the opposing team away when they're down. We've been hoping for this. Now let's up they can do it on the road this week.

5. How about the classy way to end the game? Dee Brown dribbling the ball at halfcourt and letting the shot clock expire rather than trying to run up the score. CLASSY.

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