Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Comic relief

With Illinois' next game not till Sunday in Columbus, there are a few colorful tidbits I'd like to mention in this space in the meantime. These are things I've read on the Internet as well and been told from fellow fans (although not all Illini fans).

Many are myths. Others are downright stupid. However you classify them, they should provide you with the comic relief you need to get through a week without Illinois games. Here goes:

1. Dee Brown is overrated. Thanks to an obviously delirious Ohio State fan for providing the perfect bulletin board material for Sunday's showdown.

Brown was preseason Big Ten Player of the Year and viewed as a possible NBA first round draft choice. We assume for the sake of argument that is the benchmark. Brown has done nothing to take himself out of the running for either. Could he play better? Sure, but so could Greg Oden.

2. Bruce Weber's coaching had nothing to do with last year's Illini being as good as they were.


In an effort to avoid the tired old comparisons with Illinois' previous coach, I will just say this: Weber's effectiveness as an X's and O's coach is beyond dispute. He is one of the best in the country. His ability to get his teams focused is tremendous. Bruce Weber is a true blue basketball coach in the mold of Wooden. His record when he retires will prove this to be true.

3. IU: Give us Alford! I talk to a number of Indiana fans regularly. The all want to get rid of Mike Davis so they can bring in Steve Alford. I'm not sure that's much of a step up but whatever floats your boat. One last second shot does not make one the coaching savior of your program.

4. Iowa = elite program. Yes, an Iowa fan sent me that this week. I acknowledge they are in first place in the Big Ten standings but come back and tell me you're elite after you make a few Final Fours and win the national title at least once.

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