Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Who'da thunk it?

Nailing Georgetown by 10?

Taking down Oregon by 30? (On the road)

Going into finals week undefeated at 10-0?

Landing another top recruit for the class of '07?

If you would have told me at the beginning of the season this is how the Illini basketball team's season would have started, I would have told you you were crazy. I was hoping to get through this stretch with just a couple losses.

The victory over Oregon Saturday was a huge momentum booster. The rest of the nonconference schedule isn't exactly a cakewalk (Missouri is always a war) but Illinois could easily go into Big Ten play 14-0.

In my opinion the Big Ten schedule will tell us a lot. The Big Ten is much improved this year, as Gregg Doyel says here...and every team is going to want revenge on Illinois for last year. And the Illini's conference schedule is much more difficult this year than last.

For the time being, I want to enjoy the first ten games.

Peoria Pipeline

This team is awesome...and they're only going to get better in the years ahead...Peoria Richwoods junion Billy Cole committed this weekend...Peoria Journal Star article here...Cole joins Eric Gordon from Indy as Bruce Weber solidfies his resume as a genius coach who can recruit. Or is that a teacher who coaches? Or a coach who is a leader? Or a leader who is a teacher who is a coach?

Anyway, some quick links of interest: Dukie V gives us some love...Andy Katz here....latest AP poll...coach's poll...BCS standings...oh wait, that's college football where they have a phony system...sorry...

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