Friday, December 23, 2005

Must-read stuff today

Brian Randle
John Supinie has a must-read profile on Brian Randle today.

Quick snip:
But Randle is more than a 6-foot-8 forward. He gained strength from a family that struck a balance between white and black. The son of a mixed-race couple, he was adopted into an interracial home where he flourished as a student and an athlete.

For a photo of Randle playing defense, click here.

Weber vs. Quin: A study in contrasts
(and I'm not just talking about hair styles, styles and styles...feel free to email your caption suggestions for these photos to If we like 'em, we'll post 'em. No profanity please.)

Check out this Mark Tupper column today. Here's a snippet from the end. Pay close attention to the final paragraph:


There was little sympathy for Missouri coach Quin Snyder in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch accounts of the game published Thursday morning.

Columnist Bryan Burwell seemed to crystallize the case against Snyder and the downfall of the Tigers in these three paragraphs:

"This was it, the perfect punishment to fit the crime. Quin Snyder slowly rose from his seat at courtside, his face flush and hollow, trying to figure some quick and less painful way to end this miserable spanking. Lineup shuffles didn't work, and neither did any mad scribbling of fancy Xs and Os on his coach's board.

"There was nothing he could do to stop another night of tough love and righteous rebuke for all the wrong and shame the embattled coach and tarnished ex-golden boy has brought to Mizzou.

"Somehow, the basketball gods always get it right. They love these perfect morality plays that remind you how fitting it is to see one program rising under the spirit of a leader who knows how to win the right way and one program sinking under the weight of its failed leader who couldn't tell the difference between a wrong turn and a shortcut."

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