Friday, December 30, 2005

Keeping up with Chief

Okay, Chief has been on a roll this past week or so and I felt I had to contribute something. Almost every day lately, I get up thinking I will post on the stories of the day and every time he has beaten me to the punch. Here was me on the first day this happened, the second day, the third day, the fourth day, and finally today.

However, since he missed a couple of articles from today and yesterday (but to be fair he posted some that I missed), I thought I would add links to them for all of you to enjoy.

More Augie love, this time from Herb Gould of the Sun-Times.

More thoughts on the Illini being a blue collar team as well as some love for Warren Carter from Lindsey Willhite of the Daily Herald.

Rick Morrissey casually slips in a prediction of Illinois playing for the National Championship again in yesterday's Tribune (scroll to the bottom, and yes he is joking about more of the same in 2006 but hey, you never know. And I am sure he will take credit for being the first to make that predicion if it were to come true).

Dan McGrath, also of the Trib, says Weber was the best interview for him in 2005. Also, while it is not Illini related, check out the funniest quote he heard at the bottom of the article.

Luke Winn keeps Illinois at number 5 in his new power rankings on and in reasons why Illinois is still a title contender he comments on the ticket scandal that Chief mentioned. Pretty good stuff from Winn this week. Meanwhile, Dee makes Grant Wahl's early All-America team.

Finally, Greg Doyle has a very interesting comparison of the 2004-2005 Illini with this year's Villanova squad on CBS Also, don't forget to check out his Top 10 Stories of 2005 where the Illini receive some major props as the top story. Number 5 on the list is pretty good as well.

After tonight, the Illini should be 14-0. Then the real season begins--look for more on that soon. Until then, GO ILLINI!

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