Tuesday, November 29, 2005

"Gordon for THREEEEEEE!!!" and Preview of the Tar Heels

"Eric Gordon for THREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I think Illini fans will have no problem getting used to hearing that phrase out of the public address announcer at Assembly Hall for the next few years.

The media is giving Bruce Weber and the Illini major love today with regards to his recruitment.

Check out this story from the Tribune.

Couple things worth noting from the story:

--This quote uses the past tense: "Bruce Weber looks like he certainly can coach at a high-major level—the question was (emphasis mine) whether he can recruit at a high-major level," said Jerry Meyer, a Rivals.com national recruiting analyst.

--When he came to Illinois, Bruce Weber installed the motion offense. It's better for developing NBA talent. Translantion: it ain't the hi-low. Take note: "He's a great fit for Illinois and vice versa, because they run a pretty fluid offense. They don't run sets where the point guard dominates the ball. He's going to be fantastic in that offense."Indeed, Illinois' track record with developing and utilizing the likes of Deron Williams and Luther Head to their maximum potential was a driving factor."He knows coach Weber has a good system for guards," the elder Gordon said. "He can play one, play two, he doesn't feel he'll be pigeonholed in either one."

--Bruce Weber's honesty will pay off in the long run (it already is) as he builds a national championship contender year in and year out at Illinois: Illinois' honest, no-frills approach apparently won the day. As did the Memorial Stadium crowd chanting Gordon's name when he was in attendance for the Penn State football game, leading three buddies to tell Gordon he'd be loony not to play in Champaign."Maybe coach Weber isn't as slick, and isn't going to tell you whatever you want to hear to get you on campus," Gordon's father said."Some kids might bite on [slickness]. I think [Weber] is a pretty sincere and genuine guy."

Also, Tupper story here.

Analysis for Tonight

This is gonna be a great game. Illinois should have the advantage on paper but the game is in Chapel Hill so I'd say it's close to even. However, Illinois has more experience with Dee and Augie back so I'm gonna pick my beloved Illini by three and cringe as I have to look at the ugly Carolina baby blue (sorry Michael Jordan) and listen to Dukie V blather all night.

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