Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sherron Collins

There is a very comprehensive story running on the SI website about Sherron Collins by Luke Winn. Winn obviously did some serious research for this story and for the most part he does a good job of reporting where things stand with Collins' recruitment. The article basically states the Illinois and Kansas will be fighting over Collins.

A few clarifications are in order, however.

(NOTE: If you are a sports reporter who covers college basketball or the Illini we encourage you to keep reading.)

Winn reports the following: "The Crane coach added that (Kansas coach) Self thinks 'Sherron is the missing piece to Kansas making the Final Four.' And Collins said Self told him the Jayhawks 'want a point guard like me to run the show.'"

And this statement: "Regarding the crowded-backcourt situation in Lawrence, Longstreet said, 'From my understanding, [Self] has talked to Chalmers, and Chalmers doesn't have any problem being the recipient of Sherron's drives to the basket and dish-offs.'"
  1. Chalmers is Mario Chalmers. The guard Self recruited originally to "run the show." Seriously. Does anyone in their right mind really believe that Self went to Chalmers and told him he's going to be playing second fiddle if Collins commits to KU? Furthermore, after that statement does anyone believe that Bill Self is truthful with recruits?
  2. And while we're on this topic, just for the sake of argument, there is no way you will ever convince me that the ol' hi-lo offense Self runs is better for point guard development (with the NBA in mind) than Weber's motion offense.
  3. As for the Final Four, gotta make it out of the first round before that's possible. We must remind our readers of how Kansas was ranked No. 1 in the preseason last year and loaded with talent and this was their final game. Last time we checked, Illinois played for the title last year.

Finally, we need to address these two statements: "Self stole prime Illini target Julian Wright, a Chicago prospect, during the fall recruiting period in '04"

And this: "When Wright committed to Self during a home visit a year ago this month -- in what has become an oft-retold story in the recruiting world -- the prep star did so without ever having visited Kansas."

  1. Self didn't steal Wright. He had been recruiting him all along at Illinois before he left for Kansas. Weber never had a chance to establish himself and Self had the inside track all along. Then Self played the media attention for all it was worth. To suggest otherwise is ludicrous...in other words, something that Bill Self would tell a recruit.

Bottom line: Weber is honest. Weber is a better bench coach. Illinois is a better fit no matter who you are, but especially if your name is Sherron Collins and you have a chance to believe an honest Bruce Weber that you are going to replace Dee Brown next year at the point at Illinois.

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