Monday, August 08, 2005

Where is the NCAA When You Need It?

There are a number of schools with questionable practices (to say the least) in their athletic departments. In our opinion, these schools are ripe for an investigation, violations and sanctions by the NCAA. (We addressed the Kansas situation in posts on July 18 below.)

So what did the NCAA announce Friday?

In a bow toward political correctness, the NCAA announced it's banning the use of Native American mascots in NCAA-sanctioned postseason tournaments. Read the press release here.

This action disgusts us and not just because it affects Illinois directly.

All this does is send society one more step down the slippery slope toward being so cautious as to not offend anyone that nothing is acceptable. Florida State's president actually blasts the NCAA here and here.

If you don't read anything else about this subject, definately read Wendell Barnhouse's column in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram here. Other good columns here, here and here.

Why doesn't the NCAA spend its time cracking down on programs that deserve it rather than just doing what may be popular or politically correct at the time?

Unless the NCAA decides to get some teeth, it ain't gonna ever be respected.

Speaking of the NCAA and respect, check out this story about Bobby Knight and his spar with an NCAA lawyer. I'm not a big Knight fan but I love the reference to "War and Peace!"

Also, here's a link to the roster for the NCAA Executive Committee.

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