Thursday, August 25, 2005

Spain, Airplanes and Yet Another Ruling From the PC Police


Bruce Weber met with the press yesterday to discuss the Big Ten travelling team's trip to Spain. I know it's a shocker but he was his usually brutally honest self. Let's just say Bruce Weber will never be a candidate for a job where diplomacy is required. Mark Tupper and John Supinie have some great stories and other interesting tidbits.


I was gone last week so I missed this story by Tupper but it's a must-read...great info about Weber's contract (Tupper thinks Weber's not getting paid enough...I agree!) and some VERY interesting info on Weber's request for an airplane...


A few stories from the past few days looking toward Illinois' opener next Saturday...Sun-Times...Tupper...Tribune...


Congrats to Florida State for playing hardball with the NCAA...the Seminole name and tradition will now be allowed back in the postseason after FSU threatened to sue...we can only hope that the same thing happens with Illinois but somehow we doubt the PC Police Force at NCAA HQ will feel the same way about us.

We'll just keep waiting for the day when the NCAA starts complaining about our blog and Illiniwonk since they have "Illini" in their titles...

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