Monday, July 18, 2005

Special Prosecutor Needed in Kansas

Kansas is turning into a hotbed of activity when it comes to hoops this offseason.

Greg Doyel filed this story today detailing Kansas coach Bill Self's hiring of Ronnie Chalmers. Ronnie is the father of a McDonald's All-American Mario Chalmers who signed with Kansas.

Doyel points out that Chalmers the elder doesn't exactly have the resume that would make him qualified to be director of basketball operations, the position for which Self hired him. Combine that with the fact that the hiring was announced under the radar when attention was laser-focused on the NBA draft and you have the makings of something that's starting to smell kind of rotten.

In the article, Self claims the topic of Ronnie Chalmers never came up until after Mario signed with Kansas. Interesting. But Doyel goes on to ask a very good question: what happened to Danny Manning--KU's "director of basketball operations?"

Illinitalk has a suggestion. There is a fella by the name of Patrick Fitzgerald. He's investigating everything from the CIA leak in Washington, DC to Chicago's City Hall as well as prosecuting former Illinois Governor George Ryan.

Perhaps Mr. Fitzgerald would be a good one to go find out, on behalf of the NCAA, what Bill Self and Ronnie Chalmers knew and when they knew it. And while he's at it, he can find out what Roy Williams promised those KU basketball players and when he promised it (see post below).

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