Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Zook Becoming Head of Illinois Border Patrol

New Illinois football coach Ron Zook hasn't coached a game for the Illini yet but he is already locking down the state of Illinois when it comes to recruiting. Everyone knows the first step in turning recruiting around is getting the talent in your own state first and then branching out elsewhere and that's exactly what Zook is doing.

With the commitment of Chicago Vocational quarterback Isiah Williams, Zook sent a message to the rest of the Big 10 that you'd better be prepared to fight if you want to raid Illinois for talent anymore. Williams, a four-star recruit whose nickname is "Juice," is said to have a rocket launcher on his shoulder.

Williams' commitment is paying off as other commitments are rolling in. Marques Wilkins, a four-star wide receiver from Decatur MacArthur committed today. Mark Tupper has the latest here.

Joe Tiller (Purdue), Kirk Ferentz (Iowa) and others beware: The Zooker is patrolling the Illinois border!

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