Monday, June 13, 2005

Illinois Governor Blagojevich=Sports Carpetbagger

I was listening to Mike & Mike talk about the Cubs-Red Sox series on my way to work this morning. Yes, I am a Cubs fan and yes, this is an Illini sports blog but bear with me.

Greenie and Golic were having such an entertaining back and forth and then all of a sudden here comes their next guest: Illinois Governor Blagojevich. I couldn't believe my ears. He was yukking it up big time about the Cubbies.

I would have been only slightly disgusted had it been the first time he's tried to capitalize on the popularity of an Illinois sports team. However, it reminded me about something I wanted to mention during college hoops season and in the midst of all the excitement I forgot.

The governor tried to ride the Illinois basketball team's popularity this past season too. Just witness this link: CBS2. I mean, seriously, you could do an easy game of "which one of these things does not belong?" with that picture.

My beef is this: before the season, did the governor even know where Champaign is located?

It is truly disgusting when the top government executive in the state is spending more time analyzing balls and strikes and weaseling his way into photo ops with basketball players than governing.

In fact, at the end of his segment on Mike & Mike, Greenie or Golic (can't remember which) asked (after the governor hung up) when he has time to govern. Many citizens of Illinois are probably wondering the same thing.

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