Monday, May 02, 2005

Weber Rips One Away From Matta

So much has been made lately among the Illini faithful of Thad Matta's recruiting class at tOSU, while dissing Bruce Weber. Frankly, the handwringing among the Illini "faithful" has been slightly tiresome. Bruce Weber proved that to be true once again (this guy is gonna make a career out of showing up his naysayers).

The Illini got a verbal committment from Richard Semrau this weekend. In case no one noticed Semrau is a top-ranked recruit who hails from Buckeye country. You can read more about it here.

Sarcasm Alert
Apparently, Semrau was also considering Wake Forest, North Carolina, Kentucky and Florida. It really stinks to be recruiting against these bottom-feeders of college basketball. It's even worse to take a top-ranked recruit from Thad Matta's state.

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