Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Scheyer to announce his decision today

Jon Scheyer will hold a 4:00 p.m. press conference today to announce whether he will be attending Illinois or Duke. Prior to that, he will be calling Coach Weber and Coach K. this morning to inform them of his choice/decision. The Tribune seems to have the best article about Scheyer and the recruiting process so you can read their story here. I am also providing a link to the Daily Herald article since they feel more strongly that Scheyer is headed to Duke. I don't like it but it is newsworthy so I am providing the link.

Illinois or Duke? We get the answer to that question today. I sincerely hope that we will here him say Illinois but the popular opinion is that it will be Duke. I think the most important thing as Illini fans is that no matter what the decision is, we must keep it in perspective. If he chooses Illinois, that is great. He will be a great piece of the puzzle as we try to build a program that consistently competes for a championship. If he chooses Duke, there are other great recruits that Coach Weber is pursuing and we can turn our attention to them. One more thing--I know some people may believe that this should be a slam dunk for Illinois since Coach Weber's brother is Scheyer's high school coach. However, don't forget that Chris Collins also went to Glenbrook North and he is the person recruiting Scheyer for them. Both schools have a so called "inside track" no matter which place he chooses, someone is going to be disappointed. Well find out today and keep you posted.

In other news...

Very brief mention of Deron Williams in this Sam Smith column (look under the sub-section called layups).

Illinois Football and Men's Basketball now have a new radio home in Chicago. Broadcasts for these two sports are moving from WSCR-AM 670 (the Score) to WIND-AM 560. Click here for more details.

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